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Michelle Kozin, Founder

Michelle founded Teemist to give entrepreneurial teams access to the people strategy resources they need to excel quickly.  Michelle has helped thousands of growth-focused leaders in the areas of hiring, leadership development, team dynamics, sales enablement and managing change. 

Prior to creating Teemist, Michelle founded Predictive Advisors, a consulting firm dedicated to optimizing talent, teamwork and leadership – the three areas that drive competitive advantage for every company’s people strategy. 

Earlier in her career, Michelle was an executive for The Predictive Index responsible for learning and enablement programs for the company’s global consulting 

network. She has spent 15 years using The Predictive Index methodology to help companies scale.  During Michelle’s tenure as a change management consultant for Accenture, she helped clients pivot their go-to-market strategies. Michelle earned a dual bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University where she was a Remembrance Scholar. She received her MBA from Babson College. 

Let’s Learn Together! 

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